Art Editions


The website was, originally, set up to feature my photographic work. At the time I was, mainly, involved with dance photography and I had visions of developing the site as a resource for dance and dancers.

My background is in art and art history, so I always approached photography from an artistic and creative direction. This developed onto producing limited edition images for sale in galleries and exhibitions.

I started to explore fashion photography and the idea of working with models to create portfolios for them. At about this time, due to personal reasons, and also due to the way photography was changing, I stepped away from it as a form of creative expression to spend more creative time writing.

Recently, I have been encouraged back to it in the form of portraiture and, also, in photographing bands, singers, album cover design and associated endeavours. Whether this signals a return to photography in a more general sense remains to be seen.

I am still very much interested in photographic restoration and welcome any opportunity to restore old photographs.



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